About Us

It is an online platform where you find the best deals on the web. We are the best deal-sharing platform on the Internet and with the help of our community we’ve helped our users to save lot of money.

about us

We work in following way:-

  • Members share deals – Members find and share deals and coupons across a wide variety of products and retailers.
  • Community Votes – Our community votes and offers helpful feedback on the best deals.
  • Deal Editors Choose – From there our team of expert Deal Editors choose the Zingobuy FrontPage with the best-of-the-best offers based on your votes and feedback.


Why Choose Us?

  •  Zingobuy.com is totally free & we are not charging a single rupee.
  • Join us & you have many chances to win lot of prizes & Zingos.
  • We have best deal editors & also we works on the voting of community so we are always able to provide you best of the best offers.
  • We always works on user experience i.e. our users should always feel best on using Zingobuy.com