Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

See the most faqs  regarding Zingobuy & Plz visit carefully before posting any query.

Why choose us?

Choose us because it is an online platform where you find the best deals on the web. We are the best deal-sharing platform on the Internet and with the help of our community we’ve helped our users to save lot of money.

How Does It Work?

We work in following way:- 

  • Members share deals. Members find and share deals and coupons across a wide variety of products and retailers.
  • Community Votes. Our community votes and offers helpful feedback on the best deals.
  • Deal Editors Choose From there our team of expert Deal Editors choose the Zingobuy FrontPage with the best-of-the-best offers based on your votes and feedback.

Why Are We Different?

We are different because unlike other deal sites that rely on the opinion of a few editors, our featured deals are a result of the collective intelligence of an entire community of millions. This means what you see on the FrontPage is guaranteed to be the best on and off the web

How does a deal make it to the Front page?

Deals get to the Front page when they garner lots of interest from the community in the form of votes and other positive feedback. Our team of expert Deal Editors validates these popular deals by researching:

• Price history

• Customer reviews

• Expert reviews

• Availability

• Inventory

If everything checks out okay in their research, they’ll post it to the Front page

Who are the Deal Editors?

Deal Editors were all previously members that showed a knack of posting great deals for other community members and offered insightful advice to other users. We’ve handpicked each one, not only to work on creating the Front page but also to continue to find and share great deals based on their category expertise. Their mission is to deliver the best content for the community.

How do I post a deal?

You can post a deal in following ways-

Navigate to the Forum (Forums > Choose One as per Deal Specification) and click on “New Thread” on the top left. Add a title, deal description, category, link and image link and submit your deal. Then watch it collect votes and feedback.


Go to homepage menu & click on Share Deal if you believe your deal is best.(Please not you will get regular Zingo only when you will post deals in forums but you will get Zingo if deal will approve for Homepage)

How do I vote on a deal?

Vote by rating the deals as per your opinion. Please use the rating system in a responsible manner since it helps identify the good deals from the bad ones.

What’s the difference between a deal and a coupon?

Difference b/w a deal and a coupon:-

A deal is a discounted price on a product or subset of products. A coupon is either a code or a printable voucher, which is required at the point of purchase.

Why do some deals with a lot of positive rating not make the Front page?

There are several reasons a deal that has a lot of votes might not appear on the Front Page. Here are few potential reasons:

  • It may be limited in availability. Some deals are region-specific, or limited in inventory.
  • It may be a PSA (public service announcement) type of post, such as a price drop or a policy change.

Do you allow manufactured votes?

Manufactured votes are against the rules and are defined as any vote made that is not made in good faith based upon the merit of the deal. Examples of manufactured votes include but are not limited to solicited, automated, fraudulent or retaliatory votes. Deal Editors may decide not to FrontPage a deal if they suspect a deal of having manufactured votes.

How do I start earning Zingos?

It is very simple. Join us today and start earning Zingos .

How many Zingos will I earn for an activity?

You can earn Zingos on following activities:-

Activities Zingos
Registration (for a limited period) 50
Posting a new deal that gets promoted to front page 25
Posting a new deal that is not a repost(daily limit 15) 1

What Gifts Can I get?

Just go to redeem gifts page you will lot of options and choose as per your Zingo Points.

How many Zingos required for claim any Gift?

For first time Claim you have to require minimum 300 Zingos after there is no limit.

Why is there daily cap in certain categories?

We encourage you to post as many deals as you find. However to maintain the quality of deals submitted and benefit other members of the community, we have enforced a cap on zingo. Once you have reached the cap on a given day then  you will earn no more zingo in that category. However, it does not prevent you for earning zingo in other category. For example, if you submit 20 new deals today, you will get only 15 Zingos but even if your 18th deal makes it to home page, you get 25 Zingos for the front-page category.

Why sometimes my Zingos deducted?

Sorry but Zingos can it can be deducted in many cases.

Did you re-submit a deal?

Did you start a duplicate topic?

Did you use Ctrl + c and Ctrl + v to post the product review?

Did you delete your posted topic?

Did you use affiliate links or short links?

If your answer is “yes” for any of the above question then contact us we will definitely help you.